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09/19/2010 / Francesca Lyn


My Twitter username is @francescalyn. I would like to preface this post by saying that I am not new to Twitter. Before completing this assignment I was following 457 people and had 257 followers. I had already tweeted 3,885 times.

I found a lot of lists I found interesting. I decided to follow because I find branding, advertising, and public relations very interesting. I also decided to follow and because both design and crafting are my passions.
Out of the brands list I chose to follow:

Out of the design list I chose to follow:

Out of the crafting list I chose to follow:

Since two out of the three lists I decided to follow were created by @mashable, I decided to find out more about this user. I knew that was a technology/internet news blog but I had no idea how popular it is.
I really enjoyed following the users who were related to the crafting list. It seems like the crafting community primarily uses Twitter to link to blog posts or pictures of new projects.
I started this assignment before reading Shepard’s article but since reading it closely I agree with a lot of the points she makes. In it she argues that users are attracted to Twitter because “one of the central attractions of the site is its ability to make the stars seem “just like us””. I strongly agree and would also extend that concept to include corporations. For example, Lipton tweeted   “Arrr matey, it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Brew a cup o’ yer favorite tea and celebrate, ya scallywags!”. While this message does advertise their tea it also attempts to participate in a silly parody holiday as if the company was an individual rather than a huge corporation.
Shepard also discusses the concept of a “global village”. I checked out Listorious to see if their were many popular Twitter lists with more of an international focus, it seems like even if the subject of the list is outside of the United States most of the users collected on that list will actually be American. The New York Times’s Twitter list for the 2010 Haitian earthquake is a good example of this. One notable exception to this is a list of UK journalists complied by UK journalist Steve Davies.
I also wonder if Twitter is still operating at a loss? This article was written before advertisers had the opportunity to pay for their content to be a Trending Topic.

09/18/2010 / Francesca Lyn

Media Diary: Day 7

11:29AM Check facebook.  Check email.
12:14PM Tweeted “Cleaning the house.”
1:47PM Watching 20/20 on hulu. Check facebook.
1:51PM Tweeted “I need a rap alias”
2:35PM Googled “how to fade jeans”
3:30Pm Log into Chictopia. Check email.
3:35PM Check Twitter.
4:26PM Check email.
4:27PM Look at personal blog and try to figure out what to post next. Watch Teen Mom.
4:34PM Check facebook.
4:49PM Working on Twitter assignment. Looking at
5:03PM Retweeted a fashion blogger’s message about another blog.
6:19Pm Check email.
6:20PM Watch

If I was any more connected to my laptop it would have to be implanted into my body. My Macbook Pro is my favorite possession. It’s a requirement for Digital Worlds graduate students to have laptops and bring them to class. Plus, my laptop is where I view most of my media. I check Twitter, email, facebook, and watch televison shows on it. Additionally, I keep a personal blog so I update on it.

I love Twitter. This week I averaged an original tweet about twice a day. However, I responded to or retweeted someone else’s tweets on average about three times a day.  Most of my tweets are personal. This week was a really exciting week for me because it was New York Fashion Week and many of the fashion bloggers and journalists I follow were live tweeting their reactions to the runway shows. Plus a lot of places were posting links to pictures or live video feeds to Twitter so anyone could follow along.

On average I checked my email about three times a day. I was actually surprised, I thought it would be more given that I have a virtual internship with a jewelry company, Lady Vanderbilt. I would probably be on my computer less if my internship was a more traditional one instead of primarily online. I correspond with my boss by email almost every day. I also help maintain our presence on the fashion social media site Chictopia. I would probably not check my email more than once a day without my internship.

I was also surprised at how little I actually checked facebook. I remember loving facebook when it was new. Facebook statuses used to be exciting to read. Now everyone is playing Farmville, Mafia Wars, or some other game. These things do not appeal to me as much as finding out what my friends are actually doing. Plus, facebook is not as exclusive. It used to be fun to have an all collegiate space, now all of my relatives are on it.

Looking back at this week might give the appearance that I am against television or do not enjoy watching it. I love watching television. The reasons why I do not have one are largely financial. Right now I cannot justify a monthly cable bill. Hulu has largely replaced television viewing for me. I also watch some shows on and at the gym. I am positive that if I had cable television at my house this media diary would have lots more mentions of television shows.

My use of media diverges from casual browsing because I am also a new media artist. I am constantly looking for source material to appropriate. In particular, I am interested in the role of a VJ, or video jockey. While sometimes I shoot, edit, and manipulate my own content I also like to find old footage to use. For the AV Club performance that I was part of last Thursday I used a clip of an early experimental film of Maya Deren’s as well as footage of a night sky. These were gathered weeks ago from Google.

If I had to do a media diary like this again I would be interested in doing it for at least four weeks. I think having a cold really impacted the project. Otherwise, I was mostly pleased to look back at what I did this past week. I learned that I really do find social media rewarding. I like feeling like an active participant and interacting with others online. I do think I need to keep up with what’s going on in the mainstream news media more. I seem to get a lot of my updates from Twitter and Jezebel. I do need to be more committed to reading more news sites like The New York Times.

09/17/2010 / Francesca Lyn

Media Diary: Day 6

I have a cold. Most of the day spent in bed asleep.

10:58AM Check email.
10:59AM Read Gunn’s Golden Rules.
11:27AM  Watch Parenthood on Hulu
12:30PM Read Gunn’s Golden Rules.
2:30 Check email, check Twitter.
3:00PM Read Gunn’s Golden Rules.
5:24PM Check email. Read comments on blog. Respond to comments.
9:02PM Check facebook, check email.
9:19PM Check Twitter.

09/16/2010 / Francesca Lyn

Media Diary: Day 5

Note on today: I did not have my laptop with me for most of the day and in keeping this diary I am learning that this is the primary way for me to view and interact with media. Plus, I have a cold.

11:00AM Check email. Watch about fifteen minutes of the finale of MTV’s The Real World on
11:15AM Check facebook, Check Twitter.
12:00PM Read Gunn’s Golden Rules on Kindle for half an hour.
12:45PM Check facebook, check Twitter.
1:32PM Tweet “Waiting for class to start”.
3:00PM In class. Watch Powerpoint presentation on the beginnings of Hollywood given by James Oliverio.
3:40PM Watch Powerpoint presentation on computer fundamentals given by Angelos Barmpoutis.
7:45PM Use Max/MSP to create visuals for A/V Club performance.
10:48PM At home, look up the links for this blog post using Google.

Tonight was Digital World’s AV Club performance. It ran from 7:30 to almost 10:00. I was in charge of running the visual component of the show. At DW we use a software called Isadora to cue video.

09/15/2010 / Francesca Lyn

Media Diary: Day 4

Hello. If I am awake and at home, my laptop is visible and I am one the internet. I also do not have any cool gear like an ipod, ipod touch, iphone, or blackberry. I do have a Kindle so I may get something new to read tonight.

11:41AM Watching last night’s Rachel Zoe Project on itunes. Show is 45 minutes long.
12:31PM Check email, moderate comments on my MMC6612 blog.
12:34PM Twitter time! Responded to a few questions about a book I love, If You Have to Cry Go Outside, by Kelly Cutrone. Retweeted a message about Digital World’s AV Club from @bendevane.
12:36PM Rereading If You Have to Cry, Go Outside.  Listening to Grooveshark while I do it.

“Hussel” MIA
“Run this Town” Jay-Z
“None Shall Pass” Aesop Rock
“99 Problems” Jay-Z
“That Time” Regina Spektor

1:28PM Check online banking for bill paying and general finances.
1:40PM Write personal blog post by email Only takes about ten minutes because it’s just a quick update. Other posts I work on can take hours but are usually worked on a little at a time.
2:41PM Shopping for books for my Kindle. Bought:
The Road, Cormac McCarthy
Last Night at Chateau Marmont, Lauren Weisberger
Gunn’s Golden Rules, Tim Gunn
I am probably going to start with Gunn’s Golden Rules and review the book for my blog.
8:06PM I am reading Gunn’s Golden Rules while the show I am working on is getting teched. I also updated my Twitter with my location.
11:36PM Finally home. Watching Modelina Fashion TV on Hulu.
11:43PM Reading Gunn’s Golden Rules.

09/15/2010 / Francesca Lyn

Media Diary: Day 3

Note on Twitter usage: A tab on my browser is usually open to my Twitter feed and is an option for me to look at as long as my computer is on. I check Twitter for my own personal enjoyment and to network with other bloggers. I also use it to follow breaking news. Right now Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is going on in New York City and many people are live tweeting about it.

12:02PM Check email. Check Twitter. I decide to follow
12:07PM On, my personal blog is now part of this network.
12:16PM Watch YouTube. I am now a fan of Autotune the News.,
2:06PM Watch the season finale of HBO’s True Blood at a friend’s house.
3:30PM On Browse through Marc Jacobs’s fall collection. It’s over fifty looks so it takes at least twenty minutes.
4:01PM Check email. Have a new Twitter follower.
6:45PM Listen to radio 105.3FM on the way to ceramics class. Takes about fifteen minutes to get there.
9:30PM Listen to radio 105.3FM on the way home.
10:00PM Check Twitter. Leave window open for at least half an hour. Am mostly reading other people’s tweets rather than tweeting myself.
10:41PM Check facebook, email.
10:42PM Sign onto Accepted a few networking requests.
11:01PM Log onto, read a few blog posts.
11:04PM Log onto to check my grades.
11:12PM Commented on my own blog:
11:23PM Tweet about Betsey Johnson’s fall collection.
11:29PM Still on Jezebel. Now looking at Badgley Mischka’s collection. Some looks were gorgeous, some sort of boring. Also 70s influenced.
11:42PM Listening to music on Grooveshark while I am reading the September issue of American Elle, Julia Roberts is on the cover. I made my own playlist – the radio sucks –  so I am listening to :

“Love the Way You Lie” Eminem
“Sleepyhead” Passion Pit
“Heartless” Kanye West
“The Temporary Blues” The Features
“Fuck You” Lily Allen
“Lust for Life” Iggy Pop
“Venus in Furs” The Velvet Underground
“Heroin” The Velvet Underground
“Homecoming” Kanye West
“Play Your Part Pt.1” Girl Talk
“I wanna be your dog” Iggy Pop

A little less media intense day probably because I do not have academic classes or work today. I also do not have anything to prepare for my internship so I was not doing any researching today.

09/13/2010 / Francesca Lyn

Media Diary: Day 2

12:19PM Check email, facebook, and Twitter. Unless stated otherwise I check all of these things on my computer because my phone just calls other people and does not have the internet.
12:51PM Watch The Gates on
1:39PM Log in to
1:50PM Check Twitter.
2:00PM Check facebook. Check
2:29PM Changed my Twitter status to SHOW ME THE MONEY!
3:29PM,, we are watching YouTube videos on 1960s in class.
4:35PM Check Twitter.
4:52PM Change Twitter stats to I’m Hungry. Reply to some tweets.
4:57PM On, comment on several photos.
5:14PM Check Twitter.
6:38PM Check Twitter.
6:40PM Listen to ambient techno music while teching a show.
6:58PM Downloaded Max/MSP
7:38PM Check email.
8:00PM Listen to radio in the car. Mostly 105.3FM
9:00PM Watch Bravo’s Thintervention and part of the MTV Movie Awards at the gym. See Kanye West’s amazing performance.
11:08PM Check Twitter, Gmail. Check my leisure course schedule at
11:16PM Log into Chictopia.
11:24PM Browsing YouTube.