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09/15/2010 / Francesca Lyn

Media Diary: Day 3

Note on Twitter usage: A tab on my browser is usually open to my Twitter feed and is an option for me to look at as long as my computer is on. I check Twitter for my own personal enjoyment and to network with other bloggers. I also use it to follow breaking news. Right now Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is going on in New York City and many people are live tweeting about it.

12:02PM Check email. Check Twitter. I decide to follow
12:07PM On, my personal blog is now part of this network.
12:16PM Watch YouTube. I am now a fan of Autotune the News.,
2:06PM Watch the season finale of HBO’s True Blood at a friend’s house.
3:30PM On Browse through Marc Jacobs’s fall collection. It’s over fifty looks so it takes at least twenty minutes.
4:01PM Check email. Have a new Twitter follower.
6:45PM Listen to radio 105.3FM on the way to ceramics class. Takes about fifteen minutes to get there.
9:30PM Listen to radio 105.3FM on the way home.
10:00PM Check Twitter. Leave window open for at least half an hour. Am mostly reading other people’s tweets rather than tweeting myself.
10:41PM Check facebook, email.
10:42PM Sign onto Accepted a few networking requests.
11:01PM Log onto, read a few blog posts.
11:04PM Log onto to check my grades.
11:12PM Commented on my own blog:
11:23PM Tweet about Betsey Johnson’s fall collection.
11:29PM Still on Jezebel. Now looking at Badgley Mischka’s collection. Some looks were gorgeous, some sort of boring. Also 70s influenced.
11:42PM Listening to music on Grooveshark while I am reading the September issue of American Elle, Julia Roberts is on the cover. I made my own playlist – the radio sucks –  so I am listening to :

“Love the Way You Lie” Eminem
“Sleepyhead” Passion Pit
“Heartless” Kanye West
“The Temporary Blues” The Features
“Fuck You” Lily Allen
“Lust for Life” Iggy Pop
“Venus in Furs” The Velvet Underground
“Heroin” The Velvet Underground
“Homecoming” Kanye West
“Play Your Part Pt.1” Girl Talk
“I wanna be your dog” Iggy Pop

A little less media intense day probably because I do not have academic classes or work today. I also do not have anything to prepare for my internship so I was not doing any researching today.



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  1. Mindy McAdams / Sep 15 2010 9:27 AM

    Ooo, have you looked at TweetDeck for Twitter? If you take Twitter out of the browser, it changes everything!

    American Elle — the printed magazine? Ah! That’s a first in this week’s Media Diaries!

    What is the best way to share a playlist? Here you made a text list for us in your post (which I like), but is there some easy way to make a list somewhere online — that’s public — and just link to it, and then people can hear samples?

    • francescalyn / Sep 15 2010 12:31 PM

      I’ll look into the playlist, it would be good for my personal blog as well.

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