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09/13/2010 / Francesca Lyn

Media Diary: Day 2

12:19PM Check email, facebook, and Twitter. Unless stated otherwise I check all of these things on my computer because my phone just calls other people and does not have the internet.
12:51PM Watch The Gates on
1:39PM Log in to
1:50PM Check Twitter.
2:00PM Check facebook. Check
2:29PM Changed my Twitter status to SHOW ME THE MONEY!
3:29PM,, we are watching YouTube videos on 1960s in class.
4:35PM Check Twitter.
4:52PM Change Twitter stats to I’m Hungry. Reply to some tweets.
4:57PM On, comment on several photos.
5:14PM Check Twitter.
6:38PM Check Twitter.
6:40PM Listen to ambient techno music while teching a show.
6:58PM Downloaded Max/MSP
7:38PM Check email.
8:00PM Listen to radio in the car. Mostly 105.3FM
9:00PM Watch Bravo’s Thintervention and part of the MTV Movie Awards at the gym. See Kanye West’s amazing performance.
11:08PM Check Twitter, Gmail. Check my leisure course schedule at
11:16PM Log into Chictopia.
11:24PM Browsing YouTube.



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  1. Mindy McAdams / Sep 14 2010 10:20 AM

    As you go along, at the end of each day, create a summary for yourself and include it in this diary entry. I think this will make your final post (Day 7) more meaningful.

    For example, yesterday you spent how many hours on Wikipedia? And was that all for class, or was some of it sidetracked off into your personal interests?

    Similarly, it looks like you spent a lot of time on Twitter. Was it random, or were you having conversations? Was it for a class, or was it personal?

    Do some analysis about what you were doing — otherwise, your log will not be much use to you.

  2. francescalyn / Sep 14 2010 11:12 PM

    Okay I will do that, I thought we were doing analysis at the end of the week.


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