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09/12/2010 / Francesca Lyn

Media Diary: Day 1

12:19 PM Checked facebook, Twitter, and MTV.COM. New York Fashion Week is going on and most of the people I follow are tweeting about that. The MTV music video awards are tonight at 9 but I do not have cable or a television.
12:37PM Checked my personal email account, I use Gmail and have Google Alerts set for my name and for Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani because I am following the case closely.
1:26PM Check Twitter.
2.47PM. Check facebook. Check on event I am help VJ (video jockey). Looked for stock footage on Google.
3:15PM Changed my Twitter status to “Working on homework”.
6:00PM Check facebook, Gmail, MTV.COM, Twitter, and look at my own personal blog.
6:25PM Looked at Chictopia for the blog post I am writing.
6:49PM Published my blog post on Chictopia, registered my personal blog with Independant Fashion Bloggers, and checked Twitter.
7:51PM Check facebook.
10:08PM Watch VMAs at gym.
10:51PM Check facebook.



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  1. Mindy McAdams / Sep 13 2010 7:45 AM

    No TV and no music — all day?? Those are also media. Printed media also counts. Reading books counts. ALL media! 🙂

    You should also note whether you are checking Facebook, for example, on your phone or on a computer.

  2. francescalyn / Sep 13 2010 12:35 PM

    As it says above, I don’t have a television. I did say that I watched the VMAs at the gym.

    I also don’t listen to music unless I am driving in my car and I didn’t that day.

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